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O'Hara Factor
Saturday, April 22, 2006

VCU student government faced similar problems to ASUA during elections

VCU SGA Watch looks to have covered the student government of Virginia Commonwealth University in much the same fashion as this blog. Its latest post brings up a multitude of issues, not the least of which is the First Amendment issue during campaigns. So long as an Elections Committee is having to approve all campaign materials, a potential First Amendment issue ought to take center-stage.

Here at Arizona, it didn't. The issue was whether people were following the code, how much it ought to be enforced, etc. Nobody brought up any issue over whether an Elections Commissioner should have to approve such materials in the first place. Moreover, because of confidentiality issues, the public had no way of knowing what materials, if any, might have been censored, and what exact violations actually took place other than what the candidates could claim.

Much of the VCU discussion is at their message board. And guess what? Yale had similar problems, and its story actually made it to the Associated Press and CNN's website.

ASUA should start fixing this starting with their first senate meeting next semester with First Amendment issues at the forefront.

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Thanks for Linking both the VCU Sga Watch and the VCU SGA Forums.

An insteresting view can also be had by reading the cases found on vcusga.com. Specificaly Eddie O'leary v. Justin Greene, as as soon as the gravel hit, chaos erupted in the courtroom.

I'd also like to point out that vcuordie.com (a blog from one of the campaign's here at VCU) is still active and posting on Freedom of Speech Issues.

I see from wikipedia that the ASUA has a judicial branch, which is very good. I couldn't imagine operating a competitive election without one. But, a problem with our judicial branch is that they don't determine the legality (First amendment wise) of the bylaws; they determine weather or not the canidate has violated the bylaws.

As such, it is one of the Beautiful People party's goals for next year to bring about elections reform to the elections and judicial bylaws. We want to make sure that they instead of restricting the freedoms of candidates, they instead outline what is acceptable and what is not and the penalties thereof. I want to see a removal of all the fascism from the bylaws.

I'll continue to watch your blog and if you would like we can collaborate on ideas: my ultimate goal is to make things awesome.


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