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O'Hara Factor
Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Grad students release anti-ASUA blog

Grad student and Pima County Board of Supervisors candidate Bennett Kalafut writes in today's Wildcat Mailbag concerning the continuing conflict between ASUA and GPSC. ASUA remains largely silent about the issue. Meanwhile, the letter announces the URL of an independent blog that seems largely dedicated to supporting GPSC against ASUA.

Uagradvoice.org is one of those blogs that doesn't know it's a blog. I'll give them a chance on the bad formatting since I made the same mistakes myself in the past. But as they always say, content is king, and the blog's content is nothing more than unsourced, recycled arguments.

I do suppose, however, that a bad argument always wins against no argument. Speak up, ASUA.

Update: I implied/stated earlier that GPSC is responsible for Uagradvoice.org. This is not true; it's independent according to the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

Update 2: GPSC's website indicates that one of the blog authors, Anne Murdaugh, is a representative of the College of Science to GPSC. That explains the recycled arguments.


I could've spent a week or so tweaking SiteFrame settings to improve the formatting. But then the election would've passed.

As you say, content is king. The website got the message out to a few hundred grad students at a critical time.

These are PhD students--if those "recycled arguments" were somehow false, I'm sure they would've picked up on it. But Thorn, Ulrich, Murdaugh, & Co. have been speaking truth to and about power this whole time.

Grads went the right way on this one, towards representation by a group of which they are actually constituents and which will work to advance the graduate agenda.

The ASUA crowd talks about us violating their paper mandate and we laugh; the more we hear the more it seems as though they're really bothered by bruised egos and because we've hurt their (undeserved) credibility, perhaps lessening their power.

GPSC--before the vote for exclusive representation--did more for graduates than ASUA did in its entire history. We sat tight until we were screwed over one too many times--on the Presidential search, on the Sam Chang matter, and most importantly on remission.

Maybe the vote means Hertzog and Co. will have a little less of other peoples' money to throw around, and a little less power now that they can't lie and say they represent all students. Too bad.

Anyway, thanks for the link!

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