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O'Hara Factor
Saturday, February 04, 2006

ASUA senator touts campaign early?

I mentioned in the previous post that certain individuals ripe for running for ASUA have previously-created "is cool" or "be friends with" groups which, in spirit but not letter, may violate the ASUA elections code website regulations. This may cross the line.

ASUA senator Rhonda Tubbs gives apparently-intentional hints over an upcoming campaign on her self-created group "Rhonda G Tubbs is Cool." These clues include:

  • The description "Get Ready, cause I'm Coming :)"
  • The announcement "Get all your friends to join :) And start gathering support..."
  • An officer of the club whose position is listed as "CM". Does that stand for "campaign manager"?

Let this be a warning to everybody involved in the campaign: if it's accessible to all UA students, it's fair game. Watch yourselves.


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