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O'Hara Factor
Monday, February 27, 2006

ASUA Supreme Court effectively closes Tubbs hearing to the public


Mr. O'Hara,

The hearing today will take place in Room 122 at the law school. However, because it is not a large room, only the parties, their attorneys, ASUA Advisors, and the Daily Wildcat will be able to be in the room during the hearing. All other witnesses and members of the public will be asked to wait out in the hallway. While we recognize the public has a right to be in the hearing, because of the last minute scheduling, we were unable to secure a larger room to accommodate everyone. Also, there will not be an official record from today's hearing -- all the Justices will be taking their own personal notes.


Jennifer Baker
Chief Justice
ASUA Supreme Court

Disappointing really, but I'm still going to try.


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