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O'Hara Factor
Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Two candidates can't campaign; Bernsen releases statement

After intially failing to put it on the website, the Wildcat late yesterday afternoon, student body president Cade Bernsen's statement to the senate is now up. He makes a scathing argument, including claims that senators Boepple and Tubbs must abstain per impeachment procedure.

Meanwhile, Tubbs and fellow Exec. VP candidate Patrick Cook aren't allowed to campaign because of committing two violations. They're still in the running, but can't campaign. My question is, if they can't campaign, why is the website up? It's linked from both her platform and the Wildcat. I can understand pre-existing flyers in classrooms still being up, as I saw flyers for both candidates in classrooms yesterday. I guess websites only apply if "campaigning" means actually meeting people in person.

The other issue is control of staff. Tubbs notes that "Everyone is going to mess up at some point...A person can't control everyone on their staff, so violations occur whether you want them to or not." I suppose controlling one's staff is an aspect of leadership, so I at least find it reasonable to hold candidates accountable to that unless it gets so malicious that candidates send out fake supporters of opponents. Then we will have reached a new low.

According to the ASUA website, undergraduates will vote on this page, but as of posting this the election has not opened. Granted, it's 5:20 am. I'm up too early.

Update (8:33 am): While it is impossible for the creator of a Facebook group to cause a group to immediately cease to exist, both candidates banned from campaigning are still members of their own respective campaigns' facebook groups (Tubbs | Cook).


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At today's Senate meeting there may be a bit of intrigue. If you recall, last week the Senate "voted down" Tyler Reece as their 10th Senator. While all of the Senators felt he was more than qualified, they felt that since the Senate was dealing with the possible impeachment of President Bernsen, that it would be inappropriate for them to appoint someone at this point. Tyler Reece was alos the 11th Senator in the election, and was outgoing Senator Loehman's request as the next Senator. So as not to look as if they were shooting down someone that they said was "the most qualified," the vote was 3 in favor, 0 not in favor, and 5 that abstained. This supposedly meant that Reece was voted down, since there needed to be a 3/4 majority vote for his confirmation. There is word that Tyler Reece appealed to the Supreme Court that the votes of "abstain" are the equivalent to "non-votes". In other words, he WAS CONFIRMED by a 3-0 vote. The Supreme Court heard the case yesterday, and may swear him in at the Senate meeting today. The Senate screwed up, basically.

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