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O'Hara Factor
Friday, April 07, 2006

Upcoming Union Fee vote incites debate

The prospect of charging UA students with yet another mandatory fee is inciting debate. ASUA University Relations Director Brad Burns, speaking as an individual, has emailed me his concerns. Meanwhile, Arizona Student Unions has posted a website section regarding the fee, and is advertising the site under the plea "Make your voice heard."

I suppose that's better than "Exercise your vote," a pun ASUA used to gather support for the Student Recreation Center Expansion Fee. Meanwhile at the Arizona Podcat, I've characterized Arizona Student Unions as "The Goodwill Mugger."

The Union website also contains a discussion board, where one transfer student notes having suffered through $200 in activities fees. Union director Dan Adams apparently posted as a guest rather than creating an account, thus opening himself up to being misquoted on his own website. Directly below Adams' comment are two pieces of automated forum spam.

The final student forum will reportedly take place at the stage north of the SUMC from noon to one in the afternoon this Monday, with the vote taking place Tuesday and Wednesday. More later.


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