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O'Hara Factor
Thursday, September 29, 2005

Pi Kappa Phi Phollow Up

I mentioned earlier that Pi Kappa Phi doesn't tolerate drunkeness. Hmm...

From yesterday's Police Beat:

A student was referred to the Dean of Students for underage drinking early Sunday morning after police saw her walking out of Pi Kappa Phi, 1419 N. Cherry Ave., with a can of beer, reports stated.

When police approached the student around 1 a.m., they noticed that she had red, bloodshot eyes. The student also had difficulty walking.

The student said she had been taking shots of vodka with orange juice, reports stated.

From today's Police Beat:

Two students were arrested early Sunday morning for underage drinking at the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity house, 1449 N. Cherry Road, reports stated.

While an officer was on foot patrol he noticed several people outside the house with open liquor bottles from the party. People were entering and exiting through several different parts of the house, reports stated.

When an officer spoke with the hired security at the event, he noticed a male and a female student knocking on a door in the northwest corner of the house, reports stated.

As the male student knocked, police could hear him shout, "They told me to come around, there's cops out front," in slurred speech, reports stated.

Police made contact with the students to inform them they were no longer out front, report stated.

The officer told the students if they wanted to enter the house they had to go around to the front, and he told police he was not aware of the rule, reports stated.

Police could smell an odor of alcohol on the student's breath and his eyes were red and watery, reports stated.

The male student told police he did not have his identification on him but that he was 22, reports stated.

He gave police a name and birth date that showed up as a California resident. Police asked the student if he knew it was a crime to lie to police about his date of birth and he said he did not, reports stated.

Police then asked the man if he was sure the information he gave was going to return with a valid driver's license and the student said no, reports stated.

The president of the house then came over and told the student, "Just tell the truth," reports stated.

Police asked if the name the president called him was his real name and he said yes, reports stated.

Police placed the student in handcuffs and arrested him for lying to an officer and underage drinking, reports stated.

The student told police he lied because he didn't want to get in trouble for underage drinking, reports stated.

The female student also had an odor of alcohol on her breath but told police she wasn't drinking, reports stated.

When police asked her why she smelled like alcohol, she admitted she had a few beers before she arrived at the fraternity, reports stated.

The female student was also cited for underage drinking and because she is 17 years old, police called her parents and left a message informing them of the incident, reports stated.

The students were released at the scene, reports stated.

That's what happens when I give the benefit of the doubt over stereotypes. The Wildcat also needs to stop using the phrase "reports stated" at the end of every stinking sentence. It's driving me nuts. And I miss the days when the Police Beat stated names of the people involved (evil grin).

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Gender relations infect Greek charitiable fundraising

Sadly, the Greek legacy of [gender-relational] fundraising for charity continues.  Fortunately, it's not as bad as "Mr. Greek", a male talent pageant, which sounds innocent enough, that devolved into mindless decadence (see " Getting visibly excited about charity."   Arizona Daily Wildcat.  15APR2005.  For the kids' sake, find it for yourself.), as Laura previously noted.

From what I could see, students had the options of having a date with a Gamma Phi Beta member, pieing a Pi Beta Phi member in the face, kissing a sorority girl (observed from a large sign reading "Pucker Up"), and possibly more that I simply didn't bother to observe, all for donations.

Just what I need.  I'll give money in order to have a little more security in my dealings with the opposite gender.

"Come on; you know you want to date a G-Phi!"  Heck no.

The Arizona Daily Wildcat has an article up with some of the more official details.  Pi Kappa Phi is organizing the overall event, offering a prize to the sorority that gains the most points from events and fundraising.  Moreover, Pi Kappa Phi's vice president Danny Baker, my first roommate as a freshman, advertises that they don't accept alcohol from other sororities and don't tolerate drunkenness at their events.  Those are good words to hear from a fraternity considering the alcohol-related stereotypes that float around such organizations, but it still doesn't excuse the [gender-relational] culture which infects something as good-hearted as charitable fundraising.

Friday, September 16, 2005

University departments take political stands

Wednesday's Wildcat contains a letter by Francisco Gonzalez, assistant director of the UA Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Office, that argues against the intentions of the Minuteman Project. There's no need to delve into the actual content of the letter. If you ask me, it's a bunch of empty rhetoric, namecalling, and conspiracy theory, just like most of the Wildcat in and of itself (ooh, that hurt).

What is more troubling, however, is the fact that Mr. Gonzalez is apparently paid to hold this political position. There is no "Anti-Affirmative Action Office." Rather, tuition dollars paid for the publishing of this letter.

The same principle applies to a letter published about eleven months ago written by Ela Cudilo, then the executive director of the Women's Resource Center (Google Cache), who criticized my letter regarding the lack of political diversity in the choice of campus speakers. Ironically, just below Cudilo's letter is one by Jonna Lopez, who was then the director of the ASUA Pride Alliance, but instead decided to use the title "women's studies graduate student." Either way, these offices get money to advocate specified political positions. One could even say that the Pride Alliance takes a religious position!

Suppose there was such thing as the University of Arizona Center for Fiscal Conservatism. Or perhaps the ASUA Crusade for Christ. Of course people would complain, but we have just as much of a right to do it now, and it's about time that we finally become sick of such a status quo, one that doesn't actually support true diversity.

Linky Stuff

For the sake of hat tips and shockers:

  • Laura analyzes the (former?) possibility of receiving a refund from the ASA fee, mentioned beforehand".
  • Arizona Watch analyzes recent complaints that UA's faculty isn't "diverse" enough. I'm telling you, the teachers of my language classes aren't diverse at all. They're all Japanese! What is the East Asian Studies department thinking?
  • I thought I heard firecrackers last night, so I went out to the parking lot of my complex to investigate, only to find it was gunfire. Fortunately, only one man, an 18-year-old pledge, was hurt with non-life-threatening injuries.
Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Recent search referrals

A compilation of recent search engine terms that have resulted in people coming to this website.

Korean-Caucasian Babies?

Monday, September 05, 2005

Thirty-three percent!

Our great university's Campus Health Service says that "67% of UA students have four or fewer or no drinks when they go out."

But what does that mean really?

33% of UA students have FIVE OR MORE DRINKS!!! when they go out

That's better.