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O'Hara Factor
Friday, August 04, 2006

New Afghani chief justice is UA-educated

The end of Sharia law in Afghanistan may come from a UA-educated "technocrat", this according to the Pakistan News Service. Very good news indeed. This ought to rattle the "all cultures are equal" crowd. Let's see if UA has the guts to brag about it. I'll give them some time before levying specific criticism.

But in the meantime, we also have a professor facing jail time in Turkey for "insulting Turkishness." Instead, UANews covers a law professor getting a one-year appointment to the Nigerian president's cabinet.

There's more important news out there to report. Both the Wildcat and UANews totally missed the Shafak story, but the latter manages to brag about a temporary Nigerian cabinet post. Sure, the Nigeria story is newsworthy, but can we perhaps request some prioritization?


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