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O'Hara Factor
Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Missing the point of blogging

Via their listserv, I've just discovered the Arizona College Republicans blog (for the entire state, not just UA). Much like its predecessor operated by former chairman Pete Seat (to which I'd give a link if it wasn't now a splog), it entirely misses the point of blogging.

Political blogging is about independence, not a political party's line of propaganda. To paraphrase something I remember being posted on Pete Seat's blog, "I am yet to see one original thought here."

Then again, political blogging isn't about reputational self-destruction, either. (See "Google Bombs" at the bottom of the left column if curious.)

Update: You know your conservative organization is in trouble when it has a minority outreach coordinator.

Update 2 (August 4th): This must be the first time a "conservative" outlet has censored me. My comments are not there. Perhaps that's an overstatement.


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