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O'Hara Factor
Friday, July 28, 2006

UA makes valuable contribution to national security

UA scientists are hopefully proving that terrorists hiding intelligence on the Internet is like a schoolchild hiding his bad report card under his dad's pillow. For all the arguments that UA 'scholars' make against national security, this is one contribution to it that I certainly welcome.

In contrast to the article's mention of white supremacists however, "Mike A." makes a good point to contrast "terrorism" from "hate" groups in the comments.

I think we need to make a differentiation between "terror" and "supremecy" or "hate" groups. The former uses violence and targets the innocent, the latter just hates people. As distasteful as that might be, terrorism is illegal, hating people is not.

The part I dislike about lumping these two things together, is that it is a subjective endeavor. It is probable that liberals would include Michael Savage or Rush Limbaugh in the latter group as well as pro-life groups as well as conservative groups doing the same with groups on the left.

Without some standard to separate these things, we are on a slippery slope that could very well affect some of our freedoms.

He's right, but these groups also ought to have enough personal responsibility not to post anything on the Internet they want public. Can you say Facebook?


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