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O'Hara Factor
Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wildcat Observations II

A few observations of today's Arizona Daily Wildcat.
Kappa Alpha Theta
Claire Laurence | Arizona Daily Wildcat

Diverse Greek life?

The picture to the right depicts what I ultimately feel has been a consistently-proven stereotype of a University of Arizona sorority: lots of rich, blonde sexual objects. (Okay, so some might have made themselves blonde.) The equivalent fraternity pictures probably have a bunch of dirtbags with poppped collars. And I'm not even going to try going into the insult against the military that such regard for camouflage entails.

The individuals pictured all have the freedom of association guaranteed in the First Amendment. I'm no affirmative action supporter, but there's probably something wrong when the picture doesn't even have a single minority, let alone a black-haired white person.

So how do we fix Greek organizations' racial diversity problems? I know! Let's voluntarily create segregated racial sects!

While both chapter presidents admit that stereotypes exist of the greek community as predominately upper class and white, diversity on the UA campus is changing the face of greek life.

Several chapters have emerged which are oriented toward multicultural interests, addressing ethnic, religious and sexual-orientation issues.

"I think what's happening in the greek community is just a reflection of the general campus climate as well," said Ballinger, regarding the trend toward greek diversity.


Union food still a rip-off

In an on-campus grocery store, students can purchase a 15-ounce box of Cheerios cereal for $5.89, but students could save more than $5 by heading to Target near East Broadway Boulevard and North Dodge Boulevard, where two boxes of Cheerios costs $4.99.

Mallory Yontz, a political science sophomore, said she used to shop at Highland Market because it was convenient and she didn't have a car to go off campus with.

"When I lived on campus I would go to Highland Market for lot of little things every day, like milk and cereal," Yontz said.

Jennifer Barclay, a pre-physiology senior, said she usually doesn't shop for anything other than books on campus.

"I think the grocery store on campus is a bit overpriced," Barclay said.

She said she usually shops at grocery stores, like Fry's or Albertson's, for her groceries.

"It's closer to my house, cheaper and I get more savings if I become a member," Barclay said.

I'm not sure if I agree with being a member of a supermarket considering how they keep track of your purchases on those darn cards. I'm not sure if the union does anything similar with the CatCards.

But six bucks for a box of Cheerios?


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