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O'Hara Factor
Monday, August 07, 2006

File this in the opinions section

I'm guessing what was formerly known in the Arizona Daily Wildcat as "GoWild" is now known as "Heat Wave". Just what we need: another reference to the fact that weather in Tucson is hot. No crap.

And while I've never paid much attention to the section of either title, it's starting to look more like these things belong on the opinions page. Either that, or Heat Wave is some degenerated version of it (much like some of the mailbags).

Exhibit #1 is heaping praise upon the Dry River Collective and its moral and cultural degeneracy.

Tucson has earned its place on the map for having a socially conscious community and an accepting atmosphere. With alternative lifestyles like the gay and lesbian scene being openly embraced and the recent peaceful protests for humane immigration laws, the city has become a center of political freedom and a haven for knowledgeable citizens. One organization that promotes political awareness in downtown Tucson is the Dry River Collective, 740 N. Main St.

I'm only seeing this online, and I've previously noted significant differences between the print and online editions. At least online, this is not objective news. The Wildcat has every right to publish it, but please, please ensure it's labeled as COMMENTARY!

I suppose Exhibit #2 isn't disguised as objective news, but it too requires a commentary label. Perhaps the entire MSM should be concentrating on the recent attack in Seattle on a Jewish center by an obvious anti-Semitic radical Muslim rather than on a drunken Mel Gibson.


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