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O'Hara Factor
Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Frisch likes, Goldstein refutes Citizen article

Deborah Frisch continues to comment on the affair, now declaring that the Tucson Citizen article is her "favorite." If the identity of the second commenter is true, then Jeff Goldstein is one to disagree, having written a long refutation of the article. No such refutation appears on the Arizona Daily Star article. (Note: I also had a problem with line breaks on the Tucson.com comment system.)

Just as I was writing this, Goldstein made a new post about the Citizen article. I left a comment on the post myself.

So this is why they call it the Tucson Comrade...

Frisch has also left a comment on my previous post that you should read.


I think you are the only UA student blogging about this issue so far.

I don't agree with everything you say, but you say it very well and of course, I am glad to see you using your first amendment.

Thanks for paying attention,

Deborah Frisch

If Frisch is only referring to the coverage of her dealings with Goldstein, then there isn't much there with which to disagree. Perhaps Frisch believes she's sorry, but she's not showing much of that shame. I'm confused. Somebody get me a psychologist. :-P


Great reporting of this incident. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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