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O'Hara Factor
Monday, July 10, 2006

Frisch responds to my criticism

Former UA psychology professor Deborah Frisch has responded to a critical comment I made on one of her posts.

My comment:

You owe a sincere apology not only to Mr. Goldstein but [also] to your university community for dragging all of us down with you.

Garrett O'Hara
U of Arizona political science senior

Her response:


I really am sorry for saying that I would be indifferent to the suffering of Mr. Goldstein's child. And I am sorry that the UA's name was dragged into this. And I regret how this has upset and stressed out my family and friends.

I really do apologize for embarrassing the students and faculty at the University of Arizona.

This will be my last post on South(west)paw on the Goldstein affair for at least one month.

Thanks for your message,


I think we here in the university community for the time being have to give Dr. Frisch the benefit of the doubt and determine that her apology to the university community is most likely sincere. But if Mr. Goldstein is to consider the apology to him seriously, the least she could do is remove the image of "Count Cockula" of which Mr. Goldstein was clearly and justifiably not amused. Something about that tells me she's just trying to deflect the softer-hearted.

Considering how she's been messing up the PR so far, perhaps silence in addition to removing the image is the best thing she can do for her own sake.

Update: Okay, perhaps Goldstein isn't so unamused.

Update 2: The Arizona Daily Star has picked up on the story. This story thankfully looks more objective than the Inside Higher Ed article, which received much criticism from the right, including from Goldstein himself (see previous posts).


Glad to see somebody on the right track! This 'apology' seems to hold as much water as a damp kleenex.

"This will be my last post on South(west)paw on the Goldstein affair for at least one month."

She said yesterday, at 02:01 p.m. Then she laid off on blogging about the Goldstein affair until ... 08:26 p.m. My guess is that her apology to U of A was every bit as sincere as her promise to let the matter drop for one month - and I do mean one month, all 6 1/2 hours of it to be exact.

Good for you for standing up for your school. If she were from my University I would be terribly embarrassed and would wisht that she would be truly silent for awhile.
Why and how she thinks that Oregon schools are going to be happy to see her, I do not understand...unless they do not get on the internet.

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