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O'Hara Factor
Monday, July 10, 2006

Protein Wisdom status still off and on; Frisch pretends to be apologetic

Michelle Malkin currently has Jeff Goldstein's latest comments up on her website since Protein Wisdom is still very much unreliable in the wake of multiple Denial of Service attacks. Goldstein's site has a picture of his comment moderation page proving that he's not modifying Frisch's comments as she unjustifiably alleges.

Frisch is a disgrace to this institution. From the perspective of this Arizona student, she is dragging all of our reputations down with her. ASUA (UA's student government) should immediately condemn her actions on the part of all students (sorry GPSC, grads included), and, as Kevin Baker's friend noted, the university should immediately issue a letter of apology to make sure no school thinks highly of her reputation again.


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