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O'Hara Factor
Wednesday, May 24, 2006

NCLB sets strict, unconstitutional, unrealistic food standards

The Arizona Daily Star reports today that the ever-so-hated No Child Left Behind Act also has nutrition standards to be implemented in all K-12 public schools starting July 1st.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate the No Child Left Behind act just as much as the NEA, but for a more principled reason: the federal government has no business meddling in state affairs such as these.  Such a law might be appropriate at the school district or state level.  The Federal law looks to be more strict than the state law.

If you want to go multiculturalist on this one, it makes no room for anything to the effect of “World Food day,” or for that matter, any parent bringing in cupcakes for the kids’ birthdays.  We must have some happy image of the kids obediently and happily eating the same processed bread, processed cheese, processed meat, and processed broccoli.  So in a sense, everybody should have been against this law, but our oh-so “conservative” Republicans got it done despite “liberal” Democrats’ cries of states’ and districts’ rights.  Nice work, you two.

Of course, there’s always Laura’s idea of, get this, privatizing the schools, which would entirely eliminate this and other debates concerning “under God”, creationism/evolutionism, and Ritalin.  Imagine that.

Update: Turns out that the measure had bipartisan support from both the House and Senate. I guess that makes it worse.

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