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O'Hara Factor
Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Reaction to Wildcat redesign overwhelmingly negative

Reaction on the Arizona Daily Wildcat's message board is overwhelmingly negative. One notable positive comment can be found: in the mailbag.

The message board comments seem to contain much webmastering experience, which is good to see. Editor-in-chief Aaron Mackey makes the occasional defense/thank-you, so maybe we'll see some positive changes as we go on. It would have been best, however, to set up a test site and get user input before making this sudden change. Nobody in the public had advance notice of this.

Meanwhile, does anybody else think the Wildcat might be skewing the reactions a bit by printing only a positive comment? I know it's not reasonable to publish a message board post in print, but perhaps they could have told the letter writer to post to the message board.


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