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O'Hara Factor
Monday, January 30, 2006

FIRE changes UA's speech code rating from 'yellow' to 'red'

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has changed its rating of the University of Arizona's policies on free speech from 'yellow' to 'red.' This appears to follow FIRE's re-examination of UA policy now updated for the 05-06 academic year. The vast majority of the cited documents on the page are community standards for the dormitories. No surprise there.

Update: Laura from Rings of Benzene notes regarding her former dorm-window banner "Free Israel!" and questions whether the policy has changed. The policy change appears to be from banning "insensitive" banners to completely banning all banners and signs from exterior dorm-room windows.

Moreover, FIRE recently commented regarding UNC Greensboro's "free speech zone" policy and a policy requiring clubs to adopt a "nondiscrimination clause" in their constitutions, calling both provisions unconstitutional. UA has similar policies:

I've contacted FIRE regarding the policies to have them added to the speech code rating page.


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