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O'Hara Factor
Saturday, February 04, 2006

Wildcat redesigns website

The Arizona Daily Wildcat has introduced a redesign of its website.

As a webmaster, I think it stinks. The space on the screen dedicated to content is minimal, and the advertisements are even more intrusive than before. Take out the useless right-side column, and the silly tabbed headline browsing, and the announcement, and the page will be fifty times better.

As a blogger, I'm happy to find that we have the forums back. The previous forum was riddled with pornography, so let's hope there's enough moderation to prevent the same problems as before.

Forum user "dailywilbur" hits it in his design analysis, so I suggest you check that out.

Update: It now seems that every single link I've ever made to the Wildcat from this blog is now dead. This needs to be fixed, or the Wildcat will have done significant damage to itself.


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