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O'Hara Factor
Thursday, January 19, 2006

"ASA Do Your Job" back in action

Now that it's the beginning of the semester and every UA student has been charged a dollar to advocate political positions with which they don't necessarily agree, now is a good time to get it back.

In fact, you have to do it within 21 days of the semester's "start of instruction," which presumably means January 31.

The ASAdoyourjob.org website cites bad lobbying efforts on the part of the Arizona Students' Association. I cite individual rights. When ASA advocates issues I support, I'll give $20. When they don't, I'll give zero.

According to a WHOIS lookup, the owner of the site is Brian Collier, president of ASU's Graduate and Professional Student Association between 2003 and 2004.

Hat tip: Rings of Benzene, now on a long and agonizing hiatus presumably because of pharmacy school.


I promise. I plan on posting. I even have a schedule of things to post. But its more than just about the college of pharmacy. It is more like wedding, school, work, no internet at home, etc. And really, just no interest in what is happening in the world today. Everything seems so utterly bland.

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