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The author of this blog has moved his efforts over to a new group blog. Please visit The Arizona Growler.

O'Hara Factor
Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Moving forward

Amid all this categorizational stuff, I've decided to make a switch.

First off, I'm moving over to the blogging service Blogsome. It's based on WordPress, and it allows file uploads and template editing. That's really all I need in a blogging service.

Secondly, the blog will no longer be known as The O'Hara Factor. Amid feeling really awkward introducing myself as the author of "The O'Hara Factor", and with the will to start a group blog again, I'm resurrecting an old name I've never been able to beat: The Arizona Growler.

Don't expect any new posts here as I intend to populate The Arizona Growler with posts as fast as I have here. If you're interested in contributing, see the welcome page over there. Thanks for the fun. See you over at The Arizona Growler.


Hey,what are you doing?Get back over there and let someone else be O'Hara Factor Man.You can't do this to me.

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