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O'Hara Factor
Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Gender relations infect Greek charitiable fundraising

Sadly, the Greek legacy of [gender-relational] fundraising for charity continues.  Fortunately, it's not as bad as "Mr. Greek", a male talent pageant, which sounds innocent enough, that devolved into mindless decadence (see " Getting visibly excited about charity."   Arizona Daily Wildcat.  15APR2005.  For the kids' sake, find it for yourself.), as Laura previously noted.

From what I could see, students had the options of having a date with a Gamma Phi Beta member, pieing a Pi Beta Phi member in the face, kissing a sorority girl (observed from a large sign reading "Pucker Up"), and possibly more that I simply didn't bother to observe, all for donations.

Just what I need.  I'll give money in order to have a little more security in my dealings with the opposite gender.

"Come on; you know you want to date a G-Phi!"  Heck no.

The Arizona Daily Wildcat has an article up with some of the more official details.  Pi Kappa Phi is organizing the overall event, offering a prize to the sorority that gains the most points from events and fundraising.  Moreover, Pi Kappa Phi's vice president Danny Baker, my first roommate as a freshman, advertises that they don't accept alcohol from other sororities and don't tolerate drunkenness at their events.  Those are good words to hear from a fraternity considering the alcohol-related stereotypes that float around such organizations, but it still doesn't excuse the [gender-relational] culture which infects something as good-hearted as charitable fundraising.


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