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O'Hara Factor
Wednesday, October 06, 2004

They didn't read Laura's column, either.

Maybe debating skills really ought to be taught more in high schools, especially considering the recent responses to anything conservative in the Wildcat opinions.

One letter writer decides to make a side slam against Fox News and say that's also a scare tactic. Does that change the fact that the Young Democrats and Rock the Vote are doing the same thing? Two wrongs don't make a right. Stupidity.

Former columnist Kendrick Wilson, whose role in the paper Brent Berry seems to have replaced, says that Bush saying he will "pursue terrorists wherever they are, 'at whatever cost.'" makes clear that Bush wants a draft. Interesting. Didn't John Edwards say something like that last night? He did say, "I would find terrorists where they are and stop them and kill them before they do harm to us." Then he said, "We want to raise the active-duty forces by 40,000, double the special forces so we can find terrorists where they are, and provide the kind of support for families -- health care, housing -- that they deserve while their loved ones are serving and protecting us."

Well, considering that hardly anybody in the military has respect for John Kerry's record, how do they expect such a large personnel increase without a draft? In reality, a Kerry administration is more prone to starting a draft than a Bush administration would be.

Wilson also exploits the whole "two wrongs make a right" logic by saying, "The most absurd comment in Keslar's column is that Democrats are using scare tactics in order to win the election. I have yet to speak to a Bush supporter who is not driven entirely by fear."

Suppose that I get mugged at knifepoint with only a dollar on me. If I give the guy a dollar, is that out of total fear, or out of the logical conclusion that I'm kind of willing to pay a dollar to avoid getting a knife to my stomach? (actual situation)

Now suppose that he doesn't accept the dollar and says he'll kill me. If I attack and take his knife, is that out of fear or out of the logical fact that I want to gain the upperhand? Moreover, if there is fear, is that fear not rational?



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