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O'Hara Factor
Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Wildcat mailbag chock full of Moore

Notice that I didn't use "Moore" to replace "more." I am so sick and tired of that pun. I think FATMAN works much better.

But why did I say Moore, not FATMAN? Well, there's another Moore in today's Mailbag, in this case Heather Moore of People Eating Tasty Animals, otherwise known as PETA.

In addition are two pieces on the FATMAN invite. One is a direct refutation of Moore by journalism senior Patrick McNamara (there may be hope yet for the media!), and the other is a criticism of the Associated Socialists of the University of Arizona by your not-so-humble coorespondent.

And let's not forget the great Laura Keslar's latest column, this one being on cultural education at UA.

And to top it off, I actually agree with today's editorial. Today is a good day.


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