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O'Hara Factor
Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Iraq the Vote exploits the draft scare

I haven't said it on this blog yet, but I'll say it now. I'm against a possible draft should the issue come up. The fact that there's a draft means that the military simply isn't paying fair market value for labor. And frankly, this is some damn important labor we're talking about. You want troops? Convince potential recruits to come in, not to be forced. While initiating a draft can be an important tool for the President in a national crisis, I suspect that a draft won't make any things better as of right now.

But it seems that Iraq the Vote is at it again. Cox and Forkum's latest cartoon post includes a link to Power Line, which reveals more on their activities.

Oh yes, we're non-partisan here at Rock the Vote, aren't we?

UPDATE: The following is my own transcription of their audio ad, whose link was on their draft issue page.

[light party hip-hop in background]
MAN: I just got this sweet job doing promotions. And hopefully in six months, I'll get to know enough people to start my own thing! WOMAN: That's if you don't get drafted first. MAN: Drafted? WOMAN: Drafted. For the war? MAN: Will they do that? FEMALE NARRATOR: The draft: one of the many issues that could be decided this election. Register to vote now at RockTheVote.com.

I suspect this was just the audio for the video, but my OS won't play the .mov file as of right now. Still, this is stupid and completely partisan. It boggles my mind that this organization gets to work with government on multiple levels, even so far as to have their logo on a voter-registration form box I found in the Yuma MVD office. It's sick.


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