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O'Hara Factor
Thursday, September 30, 2004

Rachel Wilson hates me!

Today's Wildcat Mailbag features a rebuttal to my Tuesday letter by none other than Rachel Wilson, the controversial anti-war protester who has become known for stunts such as handcuffing herself to the administration building (Google search). Electrical engineering senior John Brody then comes to my defense quite well, but only against the first rebuttal of two from yesterday's mailbag.

Also interesting to note is that the second rebuttal of two came from Jonna Lopez, the former director of the ASUA Pride Alliance.

I sent a rebuttal early in the morning yesterday, so I would expect to see it in there tomorrow. Did those who wrote these rebuttals actually examine my letter more than once?

I did mention that ASUA didn't invite Sen. Kennedy or Amy Goodman, right? Didn't I?

Isn't this what ASUA promised us when they touted the $15 Student Activity Fee last semester? More speakers and big names? It seems that we have that capability without forced taxation of students, even if ASUA isn't sponsoring all of them.

Right back at-cha. Boo-yah.


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