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O'Hara Factor
Friday, September 24, 2004

FATMAN and DRIVEL to speak at UA

I'm late on this one, but others have picked up on some of it. Chris Veck has his analysis of the Moore invitation and Laura Keslar found that Ted Kennedy will speak the day after. The College Republicans in response are calling upon the University to bring a conservative speaker. Their president writes on their listserv:

The ASUA is bringing Michael Moore to our campus on October 11th, using $27,500 of student funding to pick up the tab. That's right, your money is going to pay for Michael Moore to come to our campus, and spew hatred and lies about President George W. Bush. There was a pathetic attempt to get a conservative speaker of similar name recognition, however, it is evident that ASUA has no intention of taking the right steps in allowing students to hear both sides of the issues. And to make matters worse, the Law College is sponsoring Ted Kennedy the next day, a remnant of the Kerry Edwards Farewell Tour. We cannot allow such liberal pundits to go unmatched by conservative speakers! PLEASE COME TO THE COLLEGE REPUBLICAN TABLE BY NOON TOMORROW, AND SIGN OUR LETTER TO GET SEAN HANNITY, ANN COULTER OR BEN STEIN TO THE U OF A CAMPUS, AND ALLOW THE CONSERVATIVE VOICE TO BE HEARD!!! We will be delivering the petition to President Lykins[sic] and President of ASUA Alistair Chapman at 12:30 pm!

No to Hannity, no to Coulter, yes to Stein. I love Ben Stein.

But as a sidenote, isn't this exactly what ASUA promised when they started that Student Activity Fee fiasco last semester? We have Amy Goodman (who is coming this Sunday), Michael Moore, and Ted Kennedy all in the space of less than one month! The lack of oversight over diversity of opinion here is both predicted and inevitable considering the people who are running the show and the types of speakers they promised us last year. During the town hall meeting in which ASUA touted the fee, they mentioned a few, the only remotely-conservative figure of whom was Alan Greenspan. The rest included Michael Moore, Bill Clinton, and Janet Reno. The reasoning? They wanted people who were "sensitive to both sides" considering that this is an election year.

ASUA is talking out of both sides of their mouths.

EDIT: Turns out that we do have some conservative speakers. Well, kind of. THEY BOTH LIVE HERE. I just had to rescind my letter to the Wildcat in order to rewrite it to include this information, but think about it. Kennedy and Moore vs. Kolbe and Hardy. Which names are bigger?


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