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O'Hara Factor
Thursday, January 12, 2006

Wildcat leaks information on UA president picks?

An article without relevant content on the Arizona Daily Wildcat website is titled "White men dominating presidential pool." Surely, this must mean the pool for University of Arizona President.

Meanwhile, the Arizona Daily Star reports that the names are currently secret.

Stupid White Men award

For the error, the Arizona Daily Wildcat is hereby awarded the Stupid White Men award!!

Correction/Clarification: There is an article entitled "White men dominating presidential pool" regarding demographics of 94 applicants. It's not online by webmaster error. Nonetheless, the Arizona Daily Star reports that the pool is down to four, making this article completely obsolete.

Nonetheless, your humble correspondent earns the Go pick up the stinking print edition, you idiot. award for his track record of relying on an unreliable online edition.


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