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O'Hara Factor
Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Democrats attack their own principles in Alito hearing

Much of the Democrats' anger at Alito stems from his affiliation with the "Concerned Alumni of Princeton" which allegedly stated that a 40% student population of women and minorities would "vitiate the alumni body of the future".

Regardless of the illegitimacy of the attack against Alito and the group (see D'Souza's comment), think about the quote for a moment and how it applies today. Universities such as the University of Arizona routinely promote "diversity" (a euphemism for affirmative action) in order to justify race-based admissions. This sets aside certain better-qualified individuals in order to benefit the group as a whole.

Isn't this the exact ultimate train of thought for which the Concerned Alumni quote is calling? The greater good of the whole trumps the individual. Pro-affirmative action Democrats having a problem with that reeks of hypocrisy.


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