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O'Hara Factor
Saturday, December 10, 2005

ASUA senator Alex Dong blogs on allegations; subsequently removes post

A Yahoo! cache of ASUA senator Alex Dong's Xanga site reveals that on December 2nd he quoted information on about the current allegations against ASUA president Cade Bernsen along with the comments "I really don't want to deal with sexual harassment stuff, it really should be a dean of students issue.[sic] Nonetheless, it'll be on the agenda for Wednesday's meeting." Dong subsequently removed the post from public viewing, as it's no longer there, meaning that it's either "protected" (restricted to certain users), "private" (restricted to himself only), or deleted.

As noted earlier, it never was part of the Wednesday meeting agenda, as the charges are being postponed to January to give time for the ASUA Supreme Court justices, all of whom are law students, to take their final exams. This is mandated in the ASUA Constitution.

I'm not sure what to think of this. Not sure at all. But there clearly is a reason why it's not there anymore, right? For the uninformed, the Dean of Students makes the decision whether Bernsen is suspended or expelled, but cannot simply remove Bernsen from office by her own whim. Do expect some consideration on their part.

In the meantime, we have yet another objectivity issue. The whole thing is just pathetic.

Full disclosure: Earlier, Mr. Dong requested friend status with me on Facebook. I declined in order to maintain objectivity. I should note that his profile currently lists 506 friends, so it's unlikely that he considered our lack of personal contact when making the request.

The cache will probably be deleted in the future, so stand by for another cache on one of my own servers somewhere. --GPO

Clarification: There were two removed posts: one on Dec. 1 and the other on Dec. 2. The former merely quoted news articles and gave no opinion of who ought to deal with the proceedings other that "We have to deal with it," which to me seems neutral enough. The Dec. 2 post is what is reported above.

Update and more full disclosure(Jan. 4, 2006): The Yahoo cache is gone as predicted. Check for it here. Moreover, Mr. Dong and I ended up in the same jury group the Monday following the end of the semester and had some personal contact as a result.


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