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O'Hara Factor
Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bernsen fires 5 ASUA officials (?!)

You've got to be kidding me. With no proof that he's guilty, it either means he's an innocent man standing his ground or a guilty man going down who's willing to take ASUA with him. Meanwhile, the senate continues to delay his impeachment hearing.

Is impeaching Bernsen for missing the ABOR meetings becoming more of an option for the senate now?


Mr. O'Hara I cannot believe that you posted this but did not post about the discrepancies between what was told to the Daily Wildcat and what was in the report filed with the Dean of Students office which was noted in the "Clarifications" section of the Wednesday, January 11, 2006 edition of the Wildcat. This segment states:

'In the Nov. 30 article "Bernsen accused of sexual misdeeds" and in the Dec. 7 article "ASUA can't confirm suspected meetings," the complaints filed with the Dean of Students did not claim that the Associated Students of the University of Arizona President Cade Bernsen had repeatedly threatened or intimidated the alleged victims to remain quiet. The Women voiced these claims in interviews with the Arizona Daily Wildcat. Also in the Nov. 30 article, it was reported that one of the complainants alleged that Bernsen made unwelcome advances on one occasion while the two were alone at Bernsen's home. Her complaint des not state whether the two were alone in Bernsen's home; she claimed in an interview with the Daily Wildcat that the two were alone in Bernsen's room at the time of the alleged incident. In addition, the Dec. 7 article reports that both women claimed to have been the victims of inappropriate touching by Bernsen while in the student government offices. Only one of the women in fact complained of inappropriate touching by Bernsen.'

This, I believe, adds a whole new dimension to this case.

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