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O'Hara Factor
Thursday, December 01, 2005

Former classmate not surprised about Bernsen allegations

Once again, not G-rated. --GPO

Jen Spillane of Power is the Ability Not to Have to Please claims to have been an elementary and high school classmate of embattled ASUA President Cade Bernsen. She writes, "None of us are surprised about this. Cade was always inappropriate and domineering, using manipulation and aggression to get his way."

Writing to the Wildcat asking not to be published in the paper, Spillane calls Bernsen "a frightening individual who, it seems, has become more reckless and out of control as he ages."

That's not the worst of it, either. Consider the pre-college track record a developing story.

Update (Jan. 5, 2006): I have since found that Jen Spillane has since removed the letter she wrote to the Wildcat from her post without note. The comments I have published from the letter will remain here, but I won't be publishing the entire letter.


I'm curious...where did you get an email that was sent directly to the paper, and requested to stay anonymous? ("Former classmate not surprised about Bernsen allegations
Once again, not G-rated. --GPO ). It's pretty crappy of you to print it, and pretty crappy of them to hand it to you.

Anonymous, try clicking the link.

Ms. Spillane put the letter out on THE INTERNET. If she doesn't want it out there; she should take the post down. I'll honor that.

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