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O'Hara Factor
Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bernsen plays hardball / Criticism flows in

Cade Bernsen

In today's Wildcat, Cade Bernsen includes a statement regarding the accusation:

The allegations against me reported in the Arizona Daily Wildcat yesterday are totally and completely false. These allegations are embarrassing and hurtful to me, my family, my friends and to the Associated Students of the University of Arizona. I first learned of these allegations within the past 48 hours.

I have been informed and it has been discovered that there have been ongoing secret meetings by certain individuals to manufacture this attack on me and to force me out of office. These meetings have been used to orchestrate the particular allegations, the timing and release of these allegations to the media and others, and the recruitment of participants to support their scheme.

It is my intent to defend myself to the fullest. However, I will try my case before the dean of students, and I will not violate procedures, policy and spirit of the process by attempting to do so in the press.

I trust you understand my position.

Cade Bernsen
ASUA president

The mailbag already has two complaints: one about Bernsen and one about the Wildcat's mention of the accusers' methods of appointment, academic major, and class year.


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