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O'Hara Factor
Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Comment Spam

I ended up having to remove a bunch of comment spam this morning, so I'm making up a policy as of now. Arizona Watch has the best policy I've seen so far, but I'm going to modify it for my purposes, so here it goes:

Comment spam will be viewed as advertising and billed accordingly. $50 per comment.



So if I leave comment spam for someone else, can I get 10% of the 50? :)
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:34 PM, October 04, 2005 

No. In that case, I'm interfacing with you, not the maker of the product or service. You pay $50 and charge the person you're serving $55.

I've had some gnarly problems with comment spam, too. Like twelve consecutive male-problem spams on the same post. Blogger needs some air-to-ground missiles and the locations of these spammers.

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