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O'Hara Factor
Friday, December 02, 2005

ASUA Justice and Club Advocate criticize Wildcat; Carrell resigns for academic reasons (?)

Law student "Shar Bahmani" writes in today's mailbag that the Wildcat "jumped the gun", calling their reporting a "neighborhood gossip announcement." Surely, any law student should have the right to say this, typically.

An anonymous commenter who wishes for his or her comment not to be posted (and appears to be the same person who commented here) notes to me that "Shar Bahmani" is an ASUA Supreme Court associate justice, one of five of whom would have to vote yes or no on removing Cade Bernsen from office. A four-fifths vote in favor of removal is required.

The ASUA Supreme Court webpage claims that the associate justice in question is "Shar Bahami", which appears to be a spelling error. Bahmani has a profile on Facebook, an online personal profile service, which indicates that he is a law student (as the Wildcat correctly says). Moreover, "Bahmani" can be found in the UA Phonebook, but not "Bahami." We can reasonably conclude that the website probably made a spelling error.

Moreover, the commenter notes that Bernsen himself appointed three of the five justices!

U.S. Supreme Court justices are known for having to keep their mouths shut, as we clearly saw during the John Roberts and Harriet Miers confirmation hearings. As the anonymous commenter noted, "This situation is out of control." Stand by.

ASUA Club Advocate Michelle Gregory, apparently acting in her official capacity as Club Advocate by placing that title in the letter, attacks the Wildcat for revealing the accusers' majors, class years, and positional information, making it very easy to find who the accusers are via services like Facebook. Regardless of Facebook, major and class information are already public via other means. What was the Wildcat thinking?

Bernsen's former Chief of Staff and now former Elections Commissioner Tyler Carrell has resigned citing the need for more time on his studies while denying that it has anything to do with the current allegations. Carrell lives with Bernsen. There's no telling what this part means, except that Bernsen has lost a trusted friend from the ASUA office.

Update: I should also mention that Bernsen missed yesterday's Arizona Board of Regents meeting held here at UA. While an impeachable offense, the Senate appears disinterested in levying charges considering the current situation. Nonetheless, if the Supreme Court situation prevents Bernsen's removal for harassment, will the Senate use this as a political excuse later on?

Second Update: The Supreme Court website has the corrected spelling of Shar Bahmani's name now.


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