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The author of this blog has moved his efforts over to a new group blog. Please visit The Arizona Growler.

O'Hara Factor
Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Group blog? // Gibbs reported to FBI?

Per the exchange of comments on my previous post, it's possible that Laura and I might be starting a group blog, and yes, others will also be invited. If you know me, blog already, and are within the "Christian right", chances for you are good. I'm trying to come up with a title, so let me know if you have any ideas.

Boring ideas

  • The Arizona Growler (yes, it's old, but can be resurrected)
  • UA Conservative Blog Coalition (yawn)

Better ideas

  • Vast Christian-Right Conspiracy (eh...overused)
  • Voices of Opposition to Pacifism, Veganism, and Overall Stupidity (better)
  • Defuse and Desist! (after "Refuse and Resist!". Logo is easy to reproduce.)
  • Shave the Males (Only because Pave the Whales and Nuke the Whales are taken. It may be anti-hippie/anti-terrorist, but this is a co-ed blog, so maybe not.)
  • Attack of the Killer Tortillas (Based upon previous post.)

Any ideas?

In unrelated news, Sheocracy Now! reports that UA professor David Gibbs has been reported to the FBI for his politics. FreeRepublic is currently raising questions over the claim's legitimacy. The Wildcat alluded to the supposed incident in August in an article on which I've commented earlier. This isn't the first time Goodman has interviewed Gibbs, as the two talked about two years ago regarding CIA presence on college campuses.


The Sheocracy Now! page quotes Gibbs as stating:

Another student on a weblog during the summer said he took my class and also said that he didn't like my politics and suggests that students shouldn't take my class but should drop by and try to disrupt it.

Did I say that?

Gibbs is hardly qualified to speak on the issue, as I was his student in "Individuals and Societies 103: What is Politics?" during the Spring 2004 semester. Classes tend to be riddled with unproven conspiracy theories from the liberal side alone, along with anti-Bush jokes put in for his own self-entertainment. I do NOT recommend ever taking one of his classes, but simply dropping in some time to kill his arguments.

That's hilarious.

Be sure to check out Arizona Watch. Looks like a well thought-out blog on state affairs.


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