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O'Hara Factor
Wednesday, October 20, 2004

What the Farah?

WND editor-in-chief Joseph Farah has always been an influential commentator to me. He's still my favorite radio host, even if I think some of the headlines which have come out from WND only seem far-fetched.

But he's always seemed like the most anti-Bush conservative commentator out there. Now he's endorsing the President for reelection for the sole concern of national security. Not only that, but according to his radio show clip, his daughters are working for Bush!.

Now I'm really going to have to reconsider. Granted, the president doesn't have a constitutional philosophy, but I do not want to serve under Kerry.

So for now, consider my Peroutka link as an endorsement of ideology. His domestic positions are right there. His foreign policy is one of inexperience. He's a lawyer, not a soldier.

Stay tuned. I don't have much time to make a final endorsement, do I?


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