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O'Hara Factor
Friday, October 15, 2004

YD's hide Coulter protest plans from "CR mole"

Via O'Hara Factor Intelligence Service:

Our action is going to be so great; I can not say it over the listserv (sorry CR mole). The event is next Thursday, October 21st. To get in on our action, meet at the UA SUMC Agave room at 6:30pm. Talk to Alicia, myself, or someone who went to the meeting last night to find out more information. Meanwhile, stop bombarding the listserv and inboxes with RE: Ann Coulter emails!

So there you have it. I'm too well-known from my Arizona Growler days, but maybe one of my operatives can get in there. In addition, it appears that I may inadvertently know one of their leaders. But be there tonight at 1600 for some live debate and asking some tough questions.

No word has been passed over whether Howard Dean may be present at the debate. But if you remember one motto from this post, let it be this.

Dean People Suck.


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