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O'Hara Factor
Monday, August 29, 2005

Happy Easter

If you see an insult against a certain fake Greek organization below the "O'Hara Factor" logo, you are the victim/recipient of The O'Hara Factor's first easter egg. Muahahahhahahha.

If you don't, continue as normal.


Dear Mr. O'Hara,

I had added your weblog to my blogroll sometime - possibly in late 2004 - perhaps when I saw that you were on a certain blogroll that I think my friend Pieter had set up. Anyway, I had seen your blog's name at other sites recently, and I just came back over here... I guess I had forgotten that you were also a student - and I see that you have your own radio show! (That explains the title of this site...) Was your site re-designed sometime recently?... (I don't seem to recall this particular format.)

It is quite impressive that you already have your own show; I wish that I could do that, at some time in the near future. (In some of my latest posts, I have mentioned by frustration at Rush and Hannity...). Is your show available online?

Keep up the great work!!

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