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O'Hara Factor
Thursday, August 05, 2004

Iraq the Vote working with Associated Socialists; French Republicans entirely miss the point

The Arizona Daily Wildcrap reports that ASUA (Associated Socialists of the University of Arizona) is working with Rock the Vote in order to get more students registered to vote in the November general election. As explained in my first commentary for the now-defunct Arizona Growler, this is bad. Uninformed voting is dangerous and is exactly what gives the left so much power.

Even worse is that, as explained in "Iraq the Vote!", Rock the Vote is a liberal organization. Maybe we should call it "Rock the Vote...Port Side!!" This is no surprise considering ASUA's liberal stances on social issues. By the way, you (UA students and State of Arizona taxpayers) are forced to fund it.

Equally pathetic is the response of the French Republicans, who have intellectual courage below that of the lion from the Wizard of Oz, as the lion had the courage to admit he had none.

As stated in the Wildcrap:

But Hinsdale of the College Republicans said she worries that the MTV Rock the Vote campaign could be encouraging students to vote blindly.

"It's important to be informed about an issue because when you're informed about the issues, you also understand that your vote counts for something," Hinsdale said.

Try looking at what Rock the Vote stands for and tell me that's your biggest worry. There's propaganda coming to a voting booth near you, and you're paying for it.


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