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O'Hara Factor
Wednesday, June 23, 2004

McInerney vs. Goodman

O’HARA: Welcome back to The O’Hara Factor. In an effort to be less ‘biased’ and avoid accusations from both sides of the political spectrum from accusing me being biased towards their opposite sides, I’m inviting two people from opposite ends of the political spectrum to analyze U.S. strategy in the invasion of North Korea, which President Rice initiated just about thirty-six hours ago. With me are retired Lt. General Thomas McInerney, FOX News contributor, and Amy Goodman, host of “Sheocracy Now!”, which routinely accuses FOX News of being biased towards the Rice administration.

GOODMAN: It’s Democracy now.

O’HARA: General, what’s the current situation and what can we expect to see out of our armed forces?

MCINERNEY: Garrett, as the situation stands right now, China has agreed to blockade the northern border. Chinese land forces are some of the toughest around, so don’t expect any problems there. Much of the action will be on the southern border, but I expect that the Army divisions on the border now will hold them up quite nicely. In the meantime, the Navy has surface and subsurface superiority all around the Korean peninsula thanks to our submarines and these new littoral combat ships are working out quite nicely in getting our Marines onto the coast. We also have the Air Force based both in Seoul and at airstrips north of the enemy, so in essence we already have them completely sieged.

O’HARA: Ms. Goodman?

GOODMAN: This action by Condoleezza Rice has got to be the most disrespectful American act against human rights in the last century, Garrett. This country has got to stop meddling in the business of Koreans who just want to live their lives.

O’HARA: Under a brutal dictator?

GOODMAN: Rice is a dictator. Regime change begins at home.

MCINERNEY: Complete and utter ignorance of facts, Garrett. Look at this.


O’HARA: I disagree with Ms. Goodman, but I do think that it is important for us to remember that there are civilians dying. That doesn’t make the war wrong, but what steps are the Armed Forces taking to prevent such loss of life?

MCINERNEY: You’ll definitely notice that we could have easily used our Trident submarines to nuke the entire landscape of North Korea, but that’s not what we want to do. We do care about the civilians. Just on a strategic level, taking care of them makes sense because that’s the only thing that’s going to prevent a huge uprising right when we’ve taken Pyongyang.

O’HARA: Ms. Goodman, your response?

GOODMAN: War sucks, and I’m gonna prove it! [holds up pictures] This is what your biased media refuses to show: what civilian casualties look like! You chickenhawks have no idea what war is like! McInerney, you oughta go to the North Korean trenches and see what war is like, you desk jockey!

O’HARA: Uh, Ms. Goodman, those don’t look like…


O’HARA: Those look like aborted Caucasian babies, Ms. Goodman.

GOODMAN: Uh, I…oh yeah! I took these from the anti-choice protesters outside your building. You set me up! YOU SET ME UP!

O’HARA: Next week…we review Michael Moore’s latest film, We Were Shields!


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