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O'Hara Factor
Friday, June 04, 2004

The Ultimate Racist Insult

The Associated Press reports that black enrollment at UC Berkeley has dropped thirty percent, and "[c]ampus officials aren't sure what lies behind [it]."

However, officials do point to the recent Supreme Court ruling striking down Michigan's system for giving admission preference based on race, as well as the stoppage of flying minority students to Berkeley's campus for pre-application visits.

Berkeley spokesman George Strait is quoted as saying "Virtually every part of the campus is extremely concerned about the low numbers of underrepresented minorities and, in particular, the appallingly low numbers of African-Americans."

Really, Mr. Strait? "Virtually every part of the campus?" Perhaps you need a little enlightenment. Is it possible that the pool of black students just didn't have enough to get into your university?

The same article reports that these figures come six months after a UC regent "issued a report saying Berkeley turned down thousands of students who aced the SAT but accepted hundreds -- many of whom were black or Hispanic -- with low scores."

You think that blacks don't have brains, don't you, Mr. Strait? You think that it's just some homogenous, disadvantaged group that needs lower standards. What could be more insulting?

The UC Board of Regents slapped the previously mentioned regent, John Moores, with a public censure after writing an opinion column.

The article also reports "Regents also reaffirmed their commitment to UC's 'comprehensive review' admissions, which don't consider race but do look at social factors, such as overcoming poverty, as well as grades and scores."

So I'm more qualified for college if my parents are on crack?!?!


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