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O'Hara Factor
Wednesday, February 16, 2005

"Navy man"?

It's not very often that I find WorldNetDaily more insulting to the military than simply getting more boring by the week, but their latest article on the Lt. Pantano case, while perhaps unintentionally insulting, is insulting nonetheless.

The Marine was charged Feb. 1 with two counts of premeditated murder and awaits a March hearing that could lead to a court martial and possibly the death penalty if convicted.

Pantano and the Navy man agree the Iraqis were stopped trying to flee the hide-out in an SUV. The two men were handcuffed, and Pantano set up a security perimeter. He then removed the cuffs and ordered the detainees to tear apart the vehicle to ensure it wasn't booby-trapped.

"Navy man"?

Go ahead and call Lt. Pantano a Marine as he deserves. But for gosh sakes, your "Navy man" earned the title of Sailor and deserves referral as such. Give the Sailor his due.


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