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O'Hara Factor
Monday, May 10, 2004

Get government out of marriage

A few months ago, I had a conversation with a good friend and fellow IVer about the conservative movement in general. One of his points against it is that it sometimes clings fervently to a certain ideology for the sake of “being conservative.” In saying this, he was right in many respects, one of which is the whole debate over governmental recognition of homosexual marriage.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not about to abandon my principles. “Homosexual marriage” is just as much of an oxy-moron to me as “partial annihilation” and “Windows security.” However, one must wonder what the government really has to do with marriage. Surely, on our income taxes, we have the option of filing with a spouse. We get marriage licenses from the government. When couples divorce, they register the divorce with the government. When couples remarry, they get another marriage license.

Wait a minute. God forbids divorce and remarriage (granted, with the exception of certain cases). Shouldn't that go on the same list as homosexuality? The logical conclusion of the “conservative” position on homosexual marriage is that divorce and remarriage should also be banned, as this—like homosexuality—is directly against a commandment of God. The divorce rate is higher than the homosexuality rate, so presumably an anti-divorce law would be good for society. This works even better against fornication. That's a sexual sin, too. Let's ban it and take away the kids. Again, this is only by the logical conclusion of the “conservative” argument.

The question is: Where did Adam and Eve get their marriage license? Moreover, what business does the government have in recognizing marriage?

To the divorce argument above, one might say that the government shouldn't intrude into that aspect of our private lives. That's right. They shouldn't. Neither should the government intrude into the private lives of homosexuals.

As a result of government regulation and intrusion, marriage has become a financial and legal status instead of Holy Matrimony between man, woman, and God. Marriage licenses don't cost that much, and you and I can save on taxes and get benefits from our government jobs. Will you marry me? Anyone?

Bottom line: Governmental regulation will never convince a homosexual that homosexuality is a sin. Governmental regulation will never convince some couples that it's not the right time to have kids.

Get the government out and God in. Then this debate might get somewhere. After all, as long as my God recognizes my marriage, why should I care whether the government does?


Love the blog, but have you considered that if the government recognizes homosexual marriage as"legitimate" then in every school room, if the subject of "marriage" comes up, then the teacher will be forced to teach homosexual marriage right along with heterosexual marriage or force a discrimination lawsuit? Just a thought to ponder.

I'm not sure if you understood the post, Charles. If the government doesn't legally recognize marriage at all, then there is no homosexual marriage. I think this is a better option than recognizing homosexual marriage on par with heterosexual marriage.

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